Numerology and Disease

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Numerology and Disease

Numerology and Relaxed Existence

Stress affects our mind, and our mind affects the body. Extreme stress results in alterations in the body chemistry and alters our mental, physical and levels. It makes sense psycho somatic illnesses. Using numerology we are able to calculate our stress figures. When we know this stress number we can avoid major obstacles and illnesses. Stress number provides for us an idea to negligence the body exposed to dis ease. Additionally, it prevents us from making repeated mistakes. Stress figures delay our progress and drain our energy.

When the stress figures appear constantly within our lives, it’s a manifestation of future disturbances or something like that we’re already dealing with. When we reside in a house which is equivalent to our stress number we won’t be able to see reassurance. Let`s say your unit number is 13-42, we add all of the digits together till we derive in a single digit. 1+3+4+2=10 and again we add 1+= 1. The ultimate digit in our house unit number is 1. If 1 is the stress number (calculations proven below) you’ll experience mental stress in your home. If 2 is the stress number mind won’t be resting causing frequent worries.

Calculation of stress number

You will find 4 steps involved with this calculation. Illustration of birth date: November 19 1966. We make all of the digits into singular digit with the addition of it, till it might be one digit. The month November is 11 thus 1+1=2. The date 19 will end up 1+9=10 adding again it might be 1+=1, the entire year 1966 becomes 1+9+6+6=22 adding it again it’s 2+2=4.

Thus we’ve 3 teams of single digits out of your birthdate. They’re 2, 1 and 4. Write the digits so as of month date and year.

Step One

Without the month in the date, in the above example 2-1= 1, Write 1 below 2 and 1 as proven below. It is called A

Step Two

Without the date in the year ( 1-4 = 3 ) and write it below 1 and 4. Is not important the whether it’s -3 or +3 just write 3. It is called B


Now minus A from B, that’s 1-3 = 2, Write it below A and B it is called C.

Step Four

Now without the month and also the year, and write it below C. two to four =2 and refer to it as D.

Here is a good example:

2 1 4

1(A) 3(B)



C may be the Major stress number others are minor stress figures.

Be more conscious of `C` because it plays a significant part throughout our existence. When the training are learned we can neutralize the side effects from the stress figures

Concept of Stress Figures

Stress no.1 –

Stress from the individual’s self respect. Have to develop strong perseverence, strengthen character and courage. Bossed or held lower by others.

Medical conditions

Headache Heart and Upper Abdomen

Stress Lung area

Sinus Weak eyes

Glaucoma Over effort

Circulatory Problem Sun stroke

Stress no. 2

Stress from the individual’s personal sensitivity. Have to develop confidence. Very sensitive and simply hurt. Must learn how to forgive and end up forgetting.

Medical Conditions

Diabetes Urinary System Infections

Fevers Throat Problems

Feet Problems Poor Bloodstream Circulation

Hair Thinning Liver spots

Sleeplessness Mental Worries

Asthmatic Troubles

Stress no. 3

Stress from the individual’s communication skills, imagination focusing power. Avoid scattering of talents, learn how to concentrate. Learn how to express you feelings. Avoid speaking unnecessarily or enjoy an excessive amount of gossip.

Medical Conditions

Addictions Madness

Fear Throat

Gas Pains Paralysis

Bloodstream Pressure High/Low Chest and Lung Disorders

Migraine Sudden Fever


Stress no. 4

Stress from the individual’s focus on traditions, business skills and being practical. Learn how to be systematic, orderly and punctual. Inclination to idleness and stubbornness. Avoid stalling.

Medical Conditions

Cataract Rickets

Hypoglycemia Shoulder Problems

Jaundice Teeth

Bloodstream Problems Respiratory system is generally weak

Cyst Knees

Gas Pains

Stress no. 5

Stress towards the individual’s knowledge of freedom, responsibility and sexual impulse.Do not be impulsive. Learn how to change with knowledge, to not satis your senses. Accept responsibilities.

Medical Conditions

Abortions Outbursts

Accidents Weight problems

Brain Tumor Ulcer

Drug Problems Nervousness

Kidney Problem Neck

Stomach disorders

Stress no.6

Stress of individual’s knowledge of responsibility in relationships. Do not be domineering and meddlesome. Avoid quarreling with anybody who doesn’t agree together with your rules. Learn how to respect others opinion.

Physical Disorders

Drug Problems Tumor

Gum Problems Sinus

Hip Problems Bronchial asthma

Hypertension Heart Palpitations



Stomach Ulcers

Stress no. 7

Stress of individual’s capability to have belief in themself and also to accept mundane activities. Do not be rebellious. This is often a difficult challenge to deal with, and brings lots of make sure repression. Learn how to attract belief rather of fear.

Physical Disorders.

Addiction Tumors

Alcoholic Menstrual Problems

Allergic reactions Varicose Vain

Depression Worry

Smoking Skin problems

Stroke Leg Problems


Stress no.8

Stress because of comprehending the real value and reason for money and power. Avoid personal freedom according to material possessions. You can attract fear and loss. Learn how to see wealth is unlimited and is associated with everybody.

Physical Disorders

Addiction Spider Veins

Alcoholism Indigestion

Bronchial asthma Numbness

Cancer Strokes

Eye Problems Loneliness

Herpes Fainting

Inclination to get wrong treatment

Stress no.

Stress because of individual’s knowledge of humanity, feelings of affection, empathy and feelings. You’re an old soul, transporting along with you all of your encounters from past lifes. Learn to apply your understanding and skills inside you through meditation to resolve all of your obstacles in existence.

Physical Disorders

Back Problems Lung Problem

Eye Problems Pneumonia

Gout Warts

Heart failures Accident prone if born on 9, 18 or 27th associated with a month



The strain figures could be overcomed when the training are learned. In case your birth date results in your stress levels number pay more attention and discover the training. In case your name or signature results in your stress levels number then the likelihood of you obtaining the ailments are extremely high. Please improve your name or signature with other lucky number. May you be fortunate having a relaxed existence.