Marvelous Allergen Free Chocolate Bread Pudding! yum :-)

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The other day I left out and unwrapped, a plate of our Delicious Delights Chocolate Mini-Muffins on accident.  I hadn’t planned on leaving them out but things like that tend to happen when you have a very energetic 2 year old running around getting into mischief :-)

So I figured since that I had a bunch of somewhat dried out muffins and I don’t like to waste food, I would try my hand at making allergen free bread pudding.  I must tell you, I have never made bread pudding before, nor have I ever seen it made, so I was a bit nervous as I put it all together.

So I looked around online and got the basic idea for the recipe needed.  I don’t like to follow recipes really.  I enjoy getting the basic concept of a recipe and then ad libbing the rest of it.  I’m fairly creative that way :-)

Usually it works out really well for me and this time was no exception!  I made a very yummy chocolate bread pudding that is free of : gluten, wheat, dairy( casein & lactose), soy,eggs,ALL nuts, yeast, fish, artificial dyes and preservatives.  Plus since it uses Delicious Delights chocolate muffins, it also is loaded with essential vitamins & minerals, omegas 3/6/9, and fruits & veggies in it! Yummy and Healthy!

Everything you’ll need

Here is what I came up with :

You need to gather the following ingredients :


1 cup banana

2 tablespoon light brown sugar

2/3 cup honey

2 cup rice milk

4 tablespoon butter (for dairy &soy-free use Mother’s or Eden)

24 Delicious Delights Chocolate Mini-Muffins (12 servings/pouches)


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees


Start by taking the muffins and breaking them into small pieces on a baking
sheet.  Lay them flat and spread out on
the sheet and put in the oven on warm for a couple hours to help dry them out,
unless yours are already stale/dried.

Once dry take the pieces and put them in an 8×8 baking pan and preheat your
oven to 350 degrees.

Starting to put the muffin pieces in the baking pan


Microwave the butter until melted ( don’t let it start boiling) and drizzle it over all the muffin pieces. Add raisins and cinnamon all over to personal taste.


In a separate bowl put the bananas thoroughly smushed, like baby food.

Then add honey,  light brown sugar, and rice milk.

Bananas and brown sugar


Slowly pour the mix over all the muffin pieces making sure to not drown them in the liquid.

The amount of liquid you use will vary based on how stale/dry your muffin pieces are.You want them to be sitting in the milk mixture but not covered in it.  Be sure all the pieces get wet though :-)

Muffin pieces in the rice milk mixture


Gently stir the mixture, if you stir to hard the will break up completely and you will have a very fine bread pudding rather then a chunky one ( which is the way I like it).

Baking in the oven


Then press all the muffin pieces down with a fork. Put the pan in the oven and bake for approximately 40-45 minutes, depending on your
oven your cooking time maybe shorter or longer.

Hot, Fresh Chocolate Bread Pudding


Allow to cool slightly and serve warm.

Tastes great warm with dairy free ice cream or cold from the fridge with
caramel sauce.  Marvelous!