FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Standards

By Katrina Gomez No comments

If you’re as heavily into gluten-free products as we are, then you probably already know about the FDA proposed rule on labeling practices for those who say they produce gluten-free products.

We have less than 5PPM of gluten in our products. That is FAR less than a lot of products which claim to be gluten-free but are really just using the very minimum amount of gluten that the FDA allows.

Currently, the FDA has NO regulations on what products can be labeled as gluten-free.

Some say that even having 20PPM is acceptable, but there are some people that are very sensitive and even having 20PPM would be too much.

Our official stance is this:

200 ppm should be the max and that labels should say Gluten free with less than 20ppm or gluten free with less than 10 ppm or even gluten-free with less than 5 ppm so that people can make their own INFORMED choice about gluten free products depending on their own personal sensitivities.

If a company decides they want to put 500PPM in their product and still call it gluten-free, then we need to be aware of that on the packaging so we don’t end up buying a product that could potentially make us sick.

That’s our official stand on the situation.