Who’s Behind The Marvelous Food Company?

We are a family owned and run company and we take great pride in providing quality products. We are located in the warm and sunny city of San Antonio, TX and we work hard to ensure that
our southern hospitality can be tasted in everything we make. Everything we sell is also eaten by our
own family so you can be assured they are great to give to your family.

The story behind our start up is rather simple. We have 2 wonderful children ages 8 and 2 and both of them have food allergies that prevent them from eating most things on the shelves in grocery stores.
It is both frustrating and depressing to go shopping with your children and tell them “you can’t eat
that” for everything they want to get. What is even worse is finding a product that does not contain
the allergens they can’t have and watching their faces turn from smiles to disgust and then frown as
they taste the allergen free products and find they all taste awful. After trying many, many allergen free products, all with the same result, we decided to just make our own allergen free foods.

We sat and discussed for awhile what we could make and how to make it. Just about a week or so
before we started talking about all of this, our then 18 month old son decided that he no longer wanted to eat anything that wasn’t bread, “milk”, apple juice or water. Nothing else!

So while we discussed how to make yummy allergen free foods we also discussed how to get fruits, vegetables and protein into our toddler son. After talking awhile about different ideas we decided on cookies and muffins, since bread products were something our son was willing to eat and we could hide fruits and vegetables in them without him noticing.

Once we decided on what to make we started working on the actual recipe and making the cookies and muffins. We knew they had to be yummy but we also knew they needed to be nutritious too. While we discussed what ingredients to put in them it dawned on us that with all the work this was taking we were very lucky to have the time to figure these recipes out and that other parents probably didn’t have that same ability.

This is when we started thinking about starting our own food company. A few days later when our daughter was complaining and whining about all the vitamins, minerals and omega packed oils she has to take every day to improve and reduce her ADD/ADHD symptoms we decided that whatever our final recipe was we had to make sure that all the vitamins and minerals our little princess needed were in there somewhere, including the omegas she was getting from fish oil every day.

After many weeks of trial and error we finalized our recipe and got overwhelming approval from both
the kids, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, kid’s friends, our friends and more. The cookies and muffins tasted GREAT! Even better news was that we had managed to cram an entire serving of fruits and vegetables into every serving of 2 cookies/muffins and that if our daughter ate 2 of them every day she wouldn’t need to take all those vitamins or fish oil anymore.

To see how happy our kids were that they tasted good and knowing how happy we were that they were healthy and realizing how difficult it was to make these amazing cookies and muffins made us think about how we wished there had been a product like ours on the market so we could have had this happiness sooner. That’s when we officially decided to create  unbelievably delicious and super nutritious cookies and muffins that other parents could buy and feel great giving to their kids like we do.

We decided on the name The Marvelous Food Company because our foods would be nothing short of marvelous all the time and our lovely, creative daughter came up with the name Delicious Delights for the name of our cookies and muffins. So here we are!

The Marvelous Duo:

My name is Juliette and I am never really sure how to start these intro/about me sections, so I guess
I’ll start at the beginning. I was born in 1981 in Honolulu, HI and I am the first child to my stay at mom and my pediatric gastroenterologist dad. I have a younger brother who is about 2 years younger than me. My dad was in the US ARMY my whole life and only retired about 3 years ago at the rank of full bird Colonel, so I am 100% Army brat. I have moved around a whole lot in my life, but the majority of my time has been in Washington State or Texas. Currently I reside in San Antonio, TX with my wonderful husband, Skip, and my 2 amazing ( and sometimes crazy )children , Faith(8) and Tristan(2)

I am not by any means one of those ‘perfect” moms who handle my kids, the housework, my business and still finds time to do PTA, crafts, personal hobbies and anything else that comes up. I am not on the PTA, although I wish I was and my house almost always has laundry that needs to be folded or cleaning somewhere to be done and I am ok with that because I’d rather be spending my extra time coloring with my kids or going swimming with them and my husband. I know this sounds cheesy but I live for my kids and I know my husband does too. That’s how we wound up creating these awesome muffins and cookies in the first place, we were doing it for our children and everything sorta blossomed from there.

My name is Skip and I read my wife’s intro before I started mine so I’d have a better idea of how to start it ;-) I have lived in Texas almost my whole life, I was born in Houston and lived there till I was 12 when my family and I moved to San Antonio. I stayed in San Antonio until I met my wife. When I met my wife I was working at H.E.B., a Texas grocery store chain. I had been working there for 4 years in many positions including stocker, and manager. I didn’t know it at the time but my years there gave me a great insight into all the products and lack of products there were for children with food allergies.

Shortly after Juliette and I married I joined the Army as military intelligence and we moved to California. Once I was out of the Army we moved back to the San Antonio. I went back to work at H.E.B. but soon realized that I was missing so much time with my children that the job wasn’t worth it. Like my wife said, I know it sounds cheesy but my kids are my whole world and I didn’t want to miss any more time with them like I had to while I was in the Army.

I quit H.E.B. and started going back to school online with the help of the GI Bill. I wasn’t sure what job I was going to try and get after I got my degree but I knew it had to be something where I could be with my kids more then I had been. Starting this company has been one of the greatest joys in my life because I get to make good food for my kids, provide for my family and most importantly I get to spend time with my children and my wife.